July 2020

Important Announcement

Due to Covid-19 and excessive usage, our networks have issued the following effective immediately:


Our carrier partners decided to remove Unlimited plans from their offerings. This has put our customers and us in a difficult situation. Approximately 1% of our customers have been impacted by this change. 


Our new plans from our carriers are 300GB plans that will throttle down at 250GB. This is our new normal moving forward. Your distributors have also been made aware of these changes. 


With these changes, we are asking customers to monitor how they use the internet. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition for our customers and our company.​ 


Usage that exceeds 10GB per day is considered abnormal use and will result in the account being flagged for review. If you require more than 10GB of data per day, we suggest you buy a second unit and SIM Card which would give you 20GB of data per day. 

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