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We have heard from several customers what Gotw3 is planning on issuing for bill credits. They will be issuing 50% bill credits for most customers who have been down over the last several months. We still have been unable to hear a finish data on when everyone will be transitioned to the new APN. At this point AT&T is working with Gotw3 and merging around 200 customers per day(slow process). Gotw3 has also announced new customer who sign up will now be $109.99, instead of the $130.00 per month. With this information in mind, if you do not have service by the end of this week, it is our recommendation that you cancel your service. We will keep tabs on when AT&T and Gotw3 finish their fix and publish updates when we think signing up for service is safe again. We cannot in good faith continue to tell customers to wait for a fix with what is in our opinion inadequate bill credits for time down. With AT&T not publishing anything definitive for a completion date, it seems like the only logical choice. Keep in mind if you cancel your service, please type in the remarks the days that you did not have service so that Gotw3 reviews the account for refunds to be issued. To cancel your service, visit the gotw3 website and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a link that says Cancel Your Service in black text. We understand that for many of you Gotw3 is the only option for internet in your area and sympathize for the long time down. We wish we had another carrier or choice to recommend but other AT&T carriers like Nomad are also having issues across the country. We hope to see this all working sooner than later and look forward to publishing when it is safe to sign up again for new service.

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